Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There are a few simple rules to this website:

First rule of Indru: Talk about with your friends.

…yes, no Fight Club stuff or anything. I need exposure. The cultural kind, not the other kind. Also:

Second rule of Indru: Do not talk about politics.

…yes, I mean it. We are here to enjoy art, in any shape or form, not to talk politics. Comments not respecting that are to be removed at my discretion. Evaluation whether a comment is political or not is at my discretion as well. Also:

Third rule of Indru: Use only English or Romanian. No other languages allowed.

…yes, I would like to preserve an international environment. I allow Romanian as a secondary language, because it’s my native one, but I highly recommend English, and I will write most of my posts in English, so that everybody understands everything. Also:

Fourth rule of Indru: No spam whatsoever and no advertising (unless approved beforehand) in comments.

…ask me first regarding advertising, and we’ll talk about it.

These are the rules and I hope everybody agrees with them and will respect them. They are also subject to change at my discretion. By “change” I mean add more, not modify or remove any.