Night of the Living Blog

It seems like there comes a time for revivals and resurrections. For my website, this is today. The day of revival.

I come up with some interesting news for whomever is still interested (that being said, I will always trust the loyalty of readers) and I would like to share it with you.

I have bought a domain (this one, and I have migrated my old blog from right here on it (the more relevant posts, at least). I plan to write regularly, either fiction or reviews. Maybe something extra as well, depending on where it takes me.

I have imported my old posts from the public blog and you can find them all here, as well as your old comments. However, bear in mind that the users were not preserved, so you need to apply again for a username here if you need to post. I believe this is the way it works.

There’s also a Menu bar above, to help you navigate the site and reach sections of interest faster. Creative Writing is my main section, so it’s the first one, Books involves mostly book reviews or anything book-related. Could be that you find an article in both these categories, if it fits. Movies is about Movie reviews. TV Shows is about TV Shows, but they won’t be episodic reviews from now on. I am thinking about ‘First Impression’ articles for the first three episodes of a new series, and reviews for entire seasons. It’s just in my mind for now, I am not sure to what degree I will be able to allocate time to this category. My TV-reviewing days are past me at this point, but if I find interesting stuff I’ll surely write about it.

Then there’s the GoT Spoiler Discussion, which I migrated from the old site, however I’d be inclined to remove this page, as I don’t think it bears any point now. Maybe I’ll be able to simply convert it to a post and keep it in the Book section, in order for us to discuss the books when/if they get released.

The Rules page is a must-read and please go there before commenting anything. It’s very important that we keep civil and respect those rules – which, by the way, apply to me too. The About page has a very brief description as well as pointers towards where you can find the artists responsible for all the pics I use on my blog. Last but not least, the Privacy Policy has information that users of this site need to know (such as what data is maintained) and is a mandatory page, will be updated with information accordingly.

At the moment I am writing this, the website is still in the experimental stage, so expect offline times. I am working on a way to push https only, so that whenever you write the domain name you are using https. Done.

I am also still deciding regarding the theme. I chose Bandana for starters since it looks very write-y, meaning it makes me want to write, which accomplishes half of the task. Making you want to read is the other half, and is mostly my job, although a good-looking theme can make a difference, so I’ll keep this in mind. I am open to theme suggestions, meaning if you can find something that you think looks better and want to give me some advice, I will consider it. The thing is, most themes come in two versions, one free, one pro (paid), which means I have to try a few in order to choose the one I like, and maybe, just maybe, get the paid one if it really offers something I need. That being said, I also like simplistic themes, like Bandana, so it’s hard to find something that really fits my preferences among all the very complex ones all around the internet.

That being said, I hope this is the beginning of something beautiful!

Image by Xandra_Iryna from Pixabay