My Trakt Year 2020

Note: In its original form, this article was full of screenshots, but as I got hacked and my wordpress resources were dropped, I lost all images from my website. I did not have backups, but I will try to see if the info is still accessible on for 2020. Otherwise, I will simply leave this as-is, just text.

If you don’t already know what Trakt is, you can visit and you’ll find out it is a tool you use to track your TV & Movie activity. You can either add watching activity manually or integrate Trakt in various apps you use to watch shows or movies with, in order for it to automatically track and add stuff to your watch history. I am not going to write about the technical part, you can find lots of info about that online. I am just here to show off how my 2020 looked like in terms of watching TV & Movies.

I have been a standard Trakt user until now, but this year I joined VIP just so I can get my 2020 report extracted. Yes, I’m a geek for data. Give me a good report and I’ll pay you.

Below you’ll see my stats.

Apparently my first watch of the year was a Criminal Minds episode.

In 2020, I have watched a total of 1389 hours of 55 TV Shows. And it seems like my favorite time to watch is 3:00 AM. I am a Night Owl.

Top 10 of my most watched shows. My most watched was “Unsolved Mysteries”.

I’ve been a lot into True Crime as well as Mystery Shows. Hence, Unsolved Mysteries.

Now below is the statistic that I like most. Lots of data! And it seems I favor CBS over other networks. Why am I not surprised? Lots of good cop shows on CBS + Stephen Colbert.

The whole reason that CW bubble is still standing was Supernatural.

My “movie” game seems to be a little on the weak side. I’ve only watched 5 movies in 2020…

…and three of them were with Van Damme. (Bloodsport was a rewatch)

Below is a statistic of all movies that I tracked with trakt. Haven’t been much into movies other than the theatre back when it was open, so not much tracking here.

And last but not least, my last episode watched in 2020.

I recently started to watch The Nanny. Is Niles awesome or what?
(he’s also Moriarty from Star Trek TNG)

Been a weird year…