Castle – 6×06 “Get a Clue”



As I wrote in the previous review, this Castle episode seems/seemed/will seem weaker than the previous one, but despite that fact, it’s a good, solid episode, with plot twists and a treasure hunt. Granted, we don’t have a whip, a giant boulder, a pit of snakes or a badass hat, but we have one hell of a writer with a grudge on his daughter’s boyfriend. And that’s why he needs to take the edge of through the best swordfight a writer has ever been a part of.

The murder itself is weird, occult elements seem to float all around the mystery surrounding a young woman’s death. Evidence suggests she was up to finding a treasure, then evidence changes (that happens a lot on TV shows), pointing to a contest gone bad.



This is, in fact, the first plot twist. The second one pointed back at the treasure. I can’t say that was unpredictable, but it wasn’t bad for the story, and at the same time it kept the suspense running and the blood rushing while Castle had to practice fencing on this guy who thought the ruggedly handsome writer was a part of the contest.

The episode had its fun moments when Castle came up with the solution to the mystery without actually coming up with an explanation for it. It took some time for the two detectives to reach back to the chapel and realize that Castle had to put his hand in the mouth on the wall in order to trigger whatever was supposed to come next.

CASTLE! Don't die! You still owe me 50 bucks!

CASTLE! Don’t die! You still owe me 50 bucks!

And yes, he scared the shit out of Beckett, which was maybe the funniest moment in the whole episode. But bottom line, they found the treasure, hidden behind the wall, in a strange sarcophagus.

What I didn’t like is that they didn’t exactly showed how Castle and Beckett got out of that (let’s call it) crypt after calling Ryan and Esposito. I assume it took too much for R&E to argue which one of them has to put his hand in the wall-mouth to open the door. And I bet it was Ryan in the end. 😀

The key to the mystery!

The key to the mystery!

The case was solved relatively easy from that point on, seeing how there was enough proof pointing to the brother to actually arrest him. Yes, the brother did it. Duh!

As for Castle, he seems to encounter problems with his daughter. The Life of Pi just became a horror movie for Richard. Can’t say I don’t hate that guy as well, he’s annoying.

Well, that’s that, and I guess we’ll see what comes next. Good luck and be well!

Valar Morghulis!